UP Election Result Live 2022 MLA Seats List, Party Wise Seats.

UP Election Result Live 2022 MLA Seats List, Party Wise Seats.

UP Election Result Live 2022 MLA Seats List, Party Wise Seats.

UP Election Result 2022 Opinion Poll
Yogi Adityanath’s visage has suddenly become the state’s most conspicuous. According to a study conducted by NBT Online, 53.81 percent of individuals believe that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is the most recognizable face of the UP election result. Meanwhile, 31.17 percent of respondents still regard PM Modi as the BJP’s most crucial vote-getter. At the same time, 15.02 percent of individuals believe they have no idea who the BJP’s vote-drawer will be between Modi and Yogi. In this sense, public opinion seems to be changing favor growth and employment.

The BJP would face a direct challenge from the SP combine, according to the poll. The Bahujan Samaj Party and the Congress, on the other hand, are not seen as challengers in this election. Many individuals anticipate, however, that the BJP will meet opposition. According to a survey conducted by NBT Online, 67.07 percent of respondents feel the BJP’s immediate opponent is the SP.

Akhilesh Yadav cannot fight the BJP, according to more than 55% of those polled. Yes, 37% feel Akhilesh Yadav is waging an aggressive campaign against the BJP. Approximately 7% of those questioned said they couldn’t know. On the other hand, exit polls have been proven incorrect in Bengal and Bihar Assembly elections.

Because numerous events occur between election phases and the public’s decision undergoes different twists and turns, the actual outcome can only be observed in the results. But one thing is sure: the actual struggle is between the SP and the BJP, and after the Final Result Declaration, any of the two parties might be in power.
UP Elections Dates 2022

The next UP Election is slated for February 2022, and it will run until March 2022, when new members of the state legislature will be chosen. Once the ECI makes an official announcement, we will disclose the final UP election schedule, and we will update the website with the phase-by-phase poll dates in Uttar Pradesh.


Notification dates 14-Jan-22 21-Jan-22 25-Jan-22 27-Jan-22 01-Feb-22 04-Feb-22 10-Feb-22
Nomination Filling Last Dates 21-Jan-22 28-Jan-22 01-Feb-22 03-Feb-22 08-Feb-22 11-Feb-22 17-Feb-22

Nomination Scrutiny 24-Jan-22 29-Jan-22 02-Feb-22 04-Feb-22 09-Feb-22 14-Feb-22 18-Feb-22

Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 27-Jan-22 31-Jan-22 04-Feb-22 07-Feb-22 11-Feb-22 16-Feb-22 22-Feb-22
Polling Dates 10-Feb-22 14-Feb-22 20-Feb-22 23-Feb-22 27-Feb-22 03-Mar-22 07-Mar-22
Uttar Pradesh Phase-2 Elections

In the second round of the elections, Deoband, Rampur, Maniharan, and Gangoh seats in Saharanpur, and Sambhal and Asmoli in Sambhal are the most closely watched political battlegrounds. In this round of elections, the BJP, Samajwadi Party, Congress, and BSP have all campaigned hard.

If the Samajwadi Party is elected to power in the state, it promises to make all farmers debt-free within four years. Congress has committed to acquiring wheat and paddy for 2,500 per quintal and early payment to sugarcane producers.

UP Election Party-Wise MLA Seat List

After a year of protest by farmers against three agricultural reform regulations introduced by the Narendra Modi administration in 2020 and revoked in November 2021, the BJP faces a more significant challenge. On Thursday, many protestors who had remained on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border arrived from the area to vote.

In the 11 districts of western Uttar Pradesh, the Jats are the other dominating group. They have switched from the RLD to the BJP after the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013. Since the 2014 Lok Sabha election, they have become a crucial voting bank for the BJP.

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