A collection of Gujarati wedding songs is available online.

A collection of Gujarati wedding songs is available online.

A collection of Gujarati wedding songs is available online.

Gujarati language has very powerful songs like Gujarati Bhajan, Santvani, Duha, Chhand, Gujarati Kavita, Laggit (wedding song), Gujarati Garba, Lokgeet, Ras, Ghazal and many types of songs.

For our new age, 90% of women do not know marriage songs, so we have given a new Gujarati wedding song app which has all kinds of wedding songs in Gujarati for Gujarati people.

The Gujarati Lagna Geet app includes all types of Lagan Geet or Lagna Geet which are used in Gujarat.
- Use Gujarati wedding song as a pocket dictionary
- 100+ Wedding Song (Gujarati Songs)
- Increase - Decrease text size
- Gujarati language support
- Share songs in one click
- Save your favorite song
- Show extra favorite list
- Next - movement of previous songs
- Easy, fast and custom setting
- No internet required. And free to download
- Free premium features.

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All over the world, there are a large number of religions with their own different 'cultures'. In all different cultures, marriage is a wonderful thing filled with unique and marvelous traditions.

Gujarati culture is very famous for their traditional marriages. In this tradition there are songs for all the wedding functions which they call 'Lagna Geet'.

We create an app to learn Gujarati Lyrics, especially Gujarati Luggit, Gujarati Marriage Song Lyrics.

Gujarati wedding song | Gujarati Songs app has a wonderful collection of Gujarati marriage songs as 'Gujarati Marriage Song Lyrics'.

Key Features:
📯 Easy and user friendly
All ‘custom’ songs covered in the All app
Internet does not require an internet connection

Gujarati All songs in Gujarati language
Font 80+ Lagna Gits (Songs) Songs in Gujarati Font
App The size of the app is small

Using this app you can easily carry a number of wedding songs in your pocket and you can easily read Gujarati marriage songs anywhere......

Gujarati Marriage Songs app is available in Gujarati language. Gujarati wedding songs Gujarati wedding songs are mainly read or played during marriage ceremony. These Gujarati wedding songs are mainly known as Gujarati wedding song Gujarati wedding song. In Hindi, people call it Shaadi or Geet in Gujarati. Promise is the main custom of marriage.

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