When and how will your number for corona vaccine come, what will 18+ youth have to pay?

When and how will your number for corona vaccine come, what will 18+ youth have to pay?

When and how will your number for corona vaccine come, what will 18+ youth have to pay?

The vaccine will be given to all people over the age of 18 from May 1 amid the ongoing war on the corona epidemic. The central government's decision is being called a revolutionary step. This third phase of vaccination will begin on May 1. In the first phase, high-risk people over the age of 45 were vaccinated. In the second phase, all people over the age of 45 were vaccinated. And now 18+ people have also been included in the third phase of the vaccination.

However, there is also enthusiasm among the youth and many questions in mind. The most important question is when and how will their number come? The government is giving free vaccines to 45+ people, but from May 1, when 18+ people will be vaccinated, will they have to pay these costs? Experts have answered similar questions during various programs or interviews. We are giving you the answers to all these questions together here.

When and how will your number for the vaccine come?

Sameer Bhati, a member of the government's Vaccine Awareness Campaign Committee and director of Star Imaging and Path Labs Ltd., said in a TV program that 18 plus people are to be vaccinated from May 1 and can also register for it through the Covin web portal. You can register by logging on to https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/. More than 4 people can register for vaccination from a single mobile number. If you can't do that, then you can go to your nearest vaccination center and register. Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has also told about this.

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Do 18+ people have to pay for the vaccine?
It is being said that 18+ young people may have to pay for the corona vaccine. Samir Bhati says that at present the situation is not very clear about its price. Guidelines on price are yet to come. This is ongoing. After this, prices will be displayed in hospitals. However, it also depends on the state governments. As Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced that everyone will be vaccinated free of cost.

Can private companies also vaccinate their employees?

Such demand is coming from the corporate sector in many cities of the country, including Mumbai. According to Dr. Hemant Thakkar of Bridge Candy Hospital, Mumbai, earlier the government had complete control over production and distribution, but now it is being relaxed. The government has made it clear that companies will give 50 per cent of the vaccine production to the central government and can sell the remaining 50 per cent in the market. State governments can also demand directly from companies. In such a situation, it is likely that private companies may also run a parallel vaccination drive for their workers with the help of nursing homes or private hospitals. That is also important.

Are we lagging behind in vaccination compared to the pace of transition?

According to experts, there was little problem with the supply of vaccines. But now the situation is going to improve. Production is running for about 85 million people, while 13 million are needed by July. To bridge this gap, the central government has asked indigenous companies making Kovishield and Kovacasin, Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech to provide additional funds. In addition to Kovacacin and Covishield, the Sputnik V vaccine will also be coming soon. There are also WHO approved Moder Pfizer etc. from abroad. They can also be made available through the fasttrack system in India.

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