Facebook Is Giving You a Chance to Make Money

Facebook Is Giving You a Chance to Make Money

Facebook Is Giving You a Chance to Make Money

Facebook, the world's largest social media platform, is giving people a chance to make money. Facebook Inc. said Thursday that it will give content creators on its platform the opportunity to make money through ads.

The company said in its blog that it will now give content creators a chance to make money. Apart from that, Facebook said that there are other ways through which you can earn money.

Facebook seems to be a profitable alternative to offline flight options, there are lots of things on Facebook other than just advertising and marketing that can help you make money. From encouraging products to sell to your liking, there are still plenty of options to make money and still chat, post and pick, and it gets better if you can beat the demonetization blues with a little extra cash. If you're still interested, then read on to learn five ways to make some money from your Facebook account:

Money can be found in a one minute vide
The company is now expanding the option for content creators on social networks. The condition is that this one minute video should run at least 30 seconds ad while 3 minute or more video should run 45 seconds ad. Now people can also earn from Facebook.

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