How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold

How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold

How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold
How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold: People Suffering From Asthma And Migraines Should Be Extra Careful, Learn Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter

Boil in milk, mix basil and turmeric and follow the instructions of PO, Corona properly.
Drinking a decoction of small pepper and poppy seeds with ajma will be safe for asthma patients

The winter season has arrived. Now we feel cold during morning and night. This season is known for eating and drinking fun and holidays. But the risk of getting sick this season remains the same. Dr. Aims at Bhopal. According to Vineet Dwivedi, one can avoid falling ill by taking precautions this season.
The winter season increases the risk of asthma and joint pain. Special attention is paid to senior citizens and children. This season, boiled, basil and turmeric milk are very effective remedies, which can save you from getting sick.

Precautions To Prevent Colds
Take pepper and cloves
Use basil
Use ginger
Use nutmeg
Drink warm milk with turmeric
Eat honey

Colds Can Cause These 8 Problems, Learn How To Avoid Them

1. Diarrhea

The problem of constipation i.e. diarrhea increases in winter season. Our digestive system works a little slower because the temperature is cold. Drink plenty of water this season to avoid it. Eat cumin powder after eating. It will keep your body warm. So, your digestive power will be good.

Eating more cold in the winter season should be avoided and walking should definitely be done after eating. Also keep taking black pepper and cloves to keep the body warm.

2. Migraine
Many people get headaches due to cold air and cold, which do not go away easily. When this happens apply the nutmeg PC in milk on the forehead. This will get rid of the headache very quickly.

Winter colds are very common. Therefore, the problems of people suffering from migraines increase this season. To avoid this, keep taking decoctions and anti-allergic medications on the advice of a doctor.

3. Dry Skin
Lip cracking is common for skin in winter. Applying kokum oil on chapped lips has many benefits. This softens the skin of the lips.

ADO cracking of the legs also causes problems during the winter season. If this happens then applying onion paste or wax on the ADO of the foot will provide relief.

4. Cough And Cough
Cough usually accumulates in the chest during winter and causes a lot of trouble. Eat figs for this. This will relieve the cough and relieve the cough. Such problems can be avoided by keeping the body warm. You can also drink hot milk with turmeric for this.

5. Fever
It is normal to have a fever if it feels too cold. To avoid this, it is beneficial to take ajma powder 3 times a day. A decoction of basil is also beneficial.

6. Viral

If viral fever i.e. cough, cold and fever occur simultaneously, making and drinking mint leaf tea gives relief. It is important to protect yourself from this.
Avoid Viral This Way

Wear warm clothes. Eat warm food.
Wear gloves and shoes when riding a bike.
Wear a mask.
Drink warm water.

7. Asthma Patients Take Extra Precautions

Excessive phlegm can increase the risk of asthma patients. Drinking a decoction of small pepper and poppy seeds with ajma gives immediate relief. Ginger and dried ginger are very effective for asthma sufferers. Experiment with ginger in meals and tea. Take dried ginger with honey.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

8. Joint Pain

The problem of joint pain remains in winter. Add 3-4 garlic cloves in fern oil, heat it a little and massage it after it cools down. It relieves joint pain and maintains temperature.

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