Bihar General assembly Election Result 2020

Bihar General assembly Election Result 2020

Bihar General assembly Election Result 2020

With one day to go for Bihar election results, Tejashwi Yadav's RJD has appealed to people to "maintain peace and behave well" on counting day irrespective of the outcome of the polls. In a tweet on Sunday, the party said there should be no use of firecrackers or rowdy behaviour and civility must be maintained towards the rival parties.

"On November 10, counting of votes will take place. Whatever be the result, we have to behave well, maintain peace. No worker should use colours, firecrackers etc. There should not be any indiscipline in the excitement of a victory," read a rough translation of the party's tweet in Hindi.

In a second tweet, the RJD asked its workers to keep in mind that irrespective of the results "at the centre of your politics is public upliftment and people's convenience".

Most exit polls have predicted the Tejashwi Yadav-led Opposition alliance will gain majority in the just-concluded assembly elections in the state way ahead of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led NDA.

Extensive arrangements have been made for the counting of votes to be held tomorrow on the 10th of Bihar Assembly elections. 55 counting centers have been set up in 38 districts for the counting of votes. As per the guidelines of the Election Commission, all the counting centers will be sanitized at the beginning of the counting and after the completion of the counting. A counting table will be kept in a limited form in the counting center for the purpose of maintaining proper distance. Paramilitary forces have been deployed at all the counting centers.
બિહાર વિધાનસભા ચુંટણી પરિણામ જોવા માટે અગત્યની લીંક:

Election કમીશનની ઓફીસીયલ સાઇટ પર રીઝલ્ટ અહિંથી જુઓ

Whose government in Bihar, the picture may be clear by 12 noon tomorrow; What will happen from the attitude to the result


Voting has been completed for all 243 seats in the Bihar Assembly. Now waiting for November 10, when the result will be in front of us. This time the election has become special because of the Corona virus, but it will also delay the results this time. The trend so far has been that by lunch time the picture of who the government will be was becoming clearer and the results were being finalized by evening tea. The way Corona influenced the vote count in the US elections, something similar can be seen in Bihar. Election analysts say the final result could be one o'clock next night.

1. When will the counting start? How long can the first trend come?
The vote count will begin at 8 p.m. Postal ballot will be considered first. The counting of votes from EVM will start from 8:30 p.m. The first trend is expected to arrive by 8:45 p.m.

2. How long will it take for the result to come?
Corona's effect can be seen in the result this time. This time 1 lakh 6 thousand 526 booths were made, while in 2015 there were 65 thousand 367 booths. The number of EVMs also increased as the number of booths increased by about 63%. That means there will be more rounds to count the votes. Which will have an effect on the result and it may take time for the result to be made public.

3. Is there a single EVM at each booth?
No, that's not necessary. An EVM can only contain the names of 16 candidates. If there are 17 candidates in an assembly, two EVMs have to be installed at each booth. This way a maximum of 2000 watts can be recorded in an EVM. The number of voters at each booth this time was limited to 1,000. Up to 1,500 votes were registered in an EVM till the last election.

4. What is the process of counting votes from EVM?
The EVM is sealed after the voting is over. The EVM is checked before the day of counting. After checking which it is turned on. The EVM itself has a RESULT button, which is sealed. The number of votes received by each candidate is displayed as soon as the RESULT button is pressed after the seals have been removed. After the completion of the first round of counting, the Returning Officer waits for 2 minutes. If a candidate feels that there is a disturbance in the counting or there is a disaster, they can file their complaint within these 2 minutes. After which the EVM is re-sealed. After the disaster is registered, it is obtained from VVPAT. If the result of VVPAT and EVM differs more than 2 times, the result of VVPAT is considered valid.

Bihar Election Result Aaj Tak LlVE

5. Are there other reasons for late results?
Yes, the number of counting centers has been increased this time because of Corona. Normally there is only one counting center in each district, but this time 55 counting centers have been set up in 38 districts of Bihar. While there are 414 counting halls. Having more counting centers can also delay results.

6. So when will the results start coming?


The trend of results will be the same from this morning, but the results of each assembly will be different. The first results are expected to be officially announced after 5 p.m. The results of several meetings including Fatuha, Behpur, Sakra, Lauria may come after 5 pm. After which the result will start coming. Patna's Kumharar seat will get results after 12 noon and Digha after 1 pm. Tejaswi Yadav is fighting from Radhopur and the result of this meeting may come only after 9 pm.


7. When will we know whose government is being formed?



The position of the government will be clear based on the attitude. The first trend on all seats can be found by 12 noon. Hopefully by then the picture will be clear. If there is a collision of thorns, the situation may become clear by 2 or 3 pm, depending on the state of the assembly. Earlier in the Assembly elections, the government's position was becoming clear by 12 noon, which this time could not be due to Corona.

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