Surrender against Google: Google's eye on your every movement, control now in its hands; Know why you need to be afraid of it ?

Surrender against Google: Google's eye on your every movement, control now in its hands; Know why you need to be afraid of it ?

 Surrender against Google: Google's eye on your every movement, control now in its hands;  Know why you need to be afraid of it ?

That was 20 years ago  While many people may have typed into a computer's web browser for the first time.  After the page loaded, a search bar and a button appeared on the screen.  All you have to do is type in the search and click on the search button.  Then at the bottom was a link to the result related to it.  It also had the link we need it.

 During this time Google had to deal with Ultivista, Yahoo and Lycos.  It can be said that Google was trying to create its identity.  However, Google continued to come up with fast and accurate searches.  Now 20 years later the story has completely changed.

 The crown of search engine has gone to Google, now its users are also in control of it.  This is being said because Google's technology has changed the whole life of the common man.  It knows everything from your Gmail account to your likes and dislikes, bedtime, food, and even your expenses.

 Think of it this way ...
 Gmail starts with work: If you have an Android smartphone, you will need a Gmail account to access the apps.  Gmail ID works on all apps including Play Store, YouTube, Maps, Photos, Calendar, Contacts.  Google tracks you with the same ID.

 Many tech companies nowadays are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.  This is the technology that tracks the user's activity on different platforms, then generates data of his likes and dislikes.  Let's understand this with this example ...

 Suppose the user created an ID with the name and logged in to the phone.  Now he will watch YouTube.  Then which video did the user watch, for how long, which video did he close soon.  Video activity is tracked with that ID.  When a user logs in to a phone or PC with ID, the video of their choice will be seen on YouTube.  Like what happens to you.

 Google will know where you are going: In the same way, if a user with ID goes anywhere with the help of Google Maps, then Google has his data.  For example, which hotels did the user visit during the month?  What shop did you go to?  Where did you travel?  Google retains a lot of information, including this, with the help of AI.

 Favorite ads on your wall: 

One thing you may have noticed is that whenever you search for a product on an e-commerce website, that product is also found on other websites.  It is also part of your activity.  When that product comes up again and again, you may buy it.

 You can see all the history by going to My Google Activity.  That is, what videos you watched, what news you read, what you searched for on the Google search engine, what apps you downloaded, and so on.

 The whole horoscope of the phone: The market share of Android OS in the country is 95.85% and the market share of iOS is 3.24%.  This means that most users use Android smartphones.  Android OS is also a product of Google.  So Google keeps an eye on all the activities connected to your smartphone.  All Google apps are linked to Gmail ID.

 Your phone's contact list is also linked to Gmail, meaning Gmail has every contact on your phone.  Similarly, videos and photos of your phone are also synced in Google.  Google saves it on its own cloud storage i.e. Google Drive.

 Google Becomes Your Personal Assistant: Most Android users these days use the Google Assistant feature.  This feature is used for voice commands or text.  That is, the voice can search for anything.  However, every voice command you enter is saved by Google.  What are you searching for by giving a command to Google Assistant?  And all the information you asked him to remember is saved here.

 Understand that when a user is using the Google Assistant feature, Google Assistant can speak to remind them of many of their own stories which can then be used to remind and remind them of small and large reminders.

 Access to bank accounts: 100 million Indian users in the country are using Google Pay, which means Google has reached the bank accounts of these users.  When you make a transaction with the Google Pay app, all the details come to Google.  Even if Google Pay is secure, your expenses and bank balance information

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