Kisan Sarvoday Yojna For Gujarat Official Pressnote And Full detail

Kisan Sarvoday Yojna For Gujarat Official Pressnote And Full detail

Kisan Sarvoday Yojna For Gujarat Official Pressnote And Full detail

Kisan Sarvoday Yojna For Gujarat detail

Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana Official pressnote

Kisan Sarvoday Yojna For Gujarat: Important decision of Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani for the farmers of the state under ‘Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana’ Farmers will be provided electricity during the day: Energy Minister Shri Saurabhbhai Patel Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi next date. Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana to be launched virtually from Junagadh on October 8 – Benefits to 14.5 lakh farmers in the state: Rs. 2060-21 crore in the budget for the next three years for setting up the required infrastructure network.

This scheme of government which named Kisan Sarvoday Yojna is a part of the grand success of the Government. Provision of Rs.500 crore – Initially, 108 villages of Dahod, Junagadh, and Gir-Somnath districts will be covered. New transmission lines and 11 new substations will be constructed in the near future. Part of which was the advocacy of providing electricity to farmers during the day will now be fulfilled.

How To Apply Kisan Sarvoday Yojna …?

How To Apply Kisan Sarvoday Yojna …?

Under Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana, the state government has decided to provide electricity to farmers during the day. Energy Minister Shri Patel added that Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi will inaugurate the ambitious Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana for the farmers on October 7 from virtually Junagadh. Under this scheme, 12.5 lakh farmers of the state will be covered. He added that the sensitive Chief Minister of the state Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has fulfilled the years-old demand of the farmers today.

What is Kisan Sarvoday Yojna..?

What is Kisan Sarvoday Yojna..?
This scheme is belong for specially to farmers, we know that farmer is the main source for grain all product as like cotton,wheate,groundnut etc. State’s most sensitive chief minister Vijaybhai,I have done this. The day-to-day supply of electricity will increase the production offertilizers and at the same time save electricity.Will happen. At present, there are 18 units in the state, half of which are supplied during the day and half of which are supplied at coming. Now under this scheme to provide electricity from 8-00 am to 08-00 hours of night.

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Farmers who get electricity during the day will increase farm production as well as save electricity. At present, there are 12 groups in the state out of which half group is provided electricity during the day and a half group at night. Now, under this scheme, it has been decided to provide electricity from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Minister added that during Kisan Suryodaya Yojana, power supply to farmers during the day for agricultural consumption – 12 gigawatts of unconventional power generation capacity by the Government of India by the end of the year 2006.

The target has been set to include 100 gigawatts (1 lakh megawatts) of solar energy and 2 gigawatts (2000 megawatts) of wind energy, as well as policies by the state government to promote non-conventional energy production (wind and solar energy). Since Gujarat is on the western edge of India, geographically unconventional energy sources have proved to be a boon, especially for wind and solar energy production. The current solar power generation capacity of the state is 315 MW which is planned to be increased to 1050 MW in the coming years.

He added that solar power is only available during the day. With the increase in solar power generation capacity in the near future, the availability of power will increase day by day. They are being supplied power by more than 300 11 VK agricultural feeders divided into 14 groups. These groups are provided maximum power supply for 3 hours in 3 hours and 3 hours single-phase power supply.

These groups are rotated in such away. Each group is provided with power supply during the day for a week, during the night hours for the following week, and for the next two weeks during the part-time and part-night hours. Is. For the last several years there has been a proposal from him to give power to the day which has been completed today. He added that if the night power supply in agriculture is provided during the day, then the solar power which is available only during the day period can be given to the farmers which can solve the problem faced by the farmers.

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Why announced to implement Kisan Suryodaya Yojana:

It has been announced to implement Kisan Suryodaya Yojana to alleviate the problems of the farmers. The state government has decided to complete the challenging task of providing electricity to the farmers in three years. A provision of Rs.500 crore has been made in the budget for 2020-21 for the next three years to build the necessary infrastructure network for this.

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