IPL Biggest Changes In this time read full detail

IPL Biggest Changes In this time read full detail

IPL Biggest Changes In this time read full detail

2:54 VOLTE IPL. For the first time in the IPL, the frontfoot will see a third umpire instead of a no-ball field. Is. The tournament will be played for the first time in a bio-secure environment without spectators.

One major change due to the corona is that bowlers will not be able to use saliva to polish the ball.
However, this one rule will not have much effect due to two reasons … 1. A white ball swings only for two overs. However in a format like T-20 this is not a challenge. Chennai Super Kings fast bowler Deepak Chahar has said the same thing. He recently said that the white ball only swings up to 2 overs.

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This is an environment in which the occupant is not exposed to the outside world in any way, i.e. the players participating in the IPL cannot get support staff, match officials, hotel staff and medical team and anyone from outside. Penalties for violating bio-safe environment in IPL Violators of bio-secure rules will be punished under the IPL Code of Conduct. The player may be suspended for certain matches. Some teams, including the RCB, have already warned that a player’s contract could be broken if he breaks the rules. Players will not be able to use saliva on the ball in the match

If the wicket is good, it swings up to 3 overs. So there is no need to shine or shine the ball. Hyderabad bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar says the only reverse swing can be a problem if you don’t use the hook. 2. UAE’s slow wicket IPL matches will be held in UAE in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The wickets are slow here, so the spinners will benefit more and the swinging bowlers will not get much help. So the rule of not spitting on the ball will not have any special effect. When 20 IPL matches were played in UAE in 2014: 200

2:54 VOLTE IPL Unlimited Corona Substitute The IPL Governing Council has also approved the Unlimited Corona substitute this season, meaning that if a player turns out to be Corona positive in the tournament, then the team will be able to include another player in his place. As a rule, a batsman can only replace a batsman and a bowler can only replace a bowler.

This rule was first applied in the 2018 Ashes series. Cheerleaders and fans will not come to the stadium For the first time in the history of the IPL, matches will be played in an empty stadium due to Corona. Cheerleaders will not be present to fan and celebrate in the stadium. However, recorded videos of cheerleaders and fans will be shown on the franchise mega screen. What is a bio-safe environment?

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